Be Encouraged CLASSIC eVideos: Multi Language Subtitles SKU: 105443

Erin brings you into her office to minister you alone. Everyone told Erin, and Erin told herself, that it would be impossible to duplicate the power of her original series, but WITH God nothing is impossible! Erin says, "I just emptied myself out and determined to have no plan. What the Lord did through me was incredible! I could actually FEEL Him speaking and taking over. I felt energized and in awe what I said; I have never experienced anything like it before. I asked Him to speak a message that would result in restored marriages to all who listened. I know the Lord heard the cry of my heart and answered the prayers of those praying for me!" Now months later we see time and time again in the restored marriage testimonies the women singing the praise of these videos that brought understanding, guidance and peace that resulted in their marriage being restored. The filming and sound of these videos is first quality. I promise you will not be disappointed with the POWERFUL messages in these videos! Each video is approximately 1 hour long.


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