RRR "RENEW Your Mind" Course 2 eWorkbook SKU: 78931

The "Renewing Your Mind" portion of your Restoration Journey will change your life! After you read or listen to each lesson, simply fill out the "What I Learned" forms that will help you document your Restoration Journey! "Every time I read one of these lessons it convicts me, gives me peace, and makes me hunger for God even more!" ~Elizabeth in Oregon "Since I have been on my journey, I have had more women put into my path that also have marriage problems. I am so thankful, that these women only came into my path (on a personal level) after I had read the RYM and WW books and these lessons. I had sought God and His Word and now He has given me wisdom to share what I have learned with others!" ~Connie in Canada (who is now one of our RMIOU Minister in Training Leaders)


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