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Daily Devotional - Coming into the Presence and Love of God - Come Away! Day 1: Beloved, come away with Him when He whispers your name in the dark. Seek Him early while He may be found. Erin Thiele is a God-lover and God-worshiper. Through this book, she will help you to DAILY come into the presence of your Lord and Savior—the “Lover of Your Soul.She says... Meeting the Lord first thing in the morning is what sets the stage for the rest of your day! It gives you your true focus, which must be the Lord Himself. Living the life of a powerful Christian leader seems like a tall order, but it only takes each of us taking time each and every day to get up and meet with the Lover of our soul, Jesus our Savior. This is the only thing that will bring lasting and life-changing fruits into our lives. We will experience joy, peace, power and purpose. Don’t miss out on an experience that only few ever dare to know. Whether you are rich or poor, fat or thin, smart or slow, a veteran Christian or a babe in Christ—setting time alone with God, the creator of the universe, is available to you! Day 366: Come, magnify the Lord with me, let us exalt His name together. HALLELUJAH!!


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